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2019 AQS Paducah Show

My husband, daughter, and I drove to Paducah, Kentucky to see both an exhibit of 17 quilts from my Singular Stars book and a special quilt of mine that was juried into the show. Here are some photographic highlights.

The quilts pictured below are shown and patterned in Singular Stars, except where noted.

My son asked me to make a quilt that echoed the quilt I made for the cover of my very first book, Log Cabin Quilts, in 1980. The quilt image will be the cover of his band's second album, All Your Favorite Songs. Honestly, how cool is that? The title song was written about returning home to help out after Steve's stroke. I don't have a pattern for this quilt, but I can't imagine anyone else wanting to make it. The look is pretty specific, and the 3/8" finished patches in the letters are a bit of a deterrent!

What a shady cast of characters this is! We're standing in front of Spiral Radiant Star (left) and Appalachian Spring.

Starting on the left, we have Sea Breeze, Queen of Diamonds, Wintry Lone Star, and Star of Wonder.

This is another version of Star of Wonder with a different arrangement of blocks from the one I made for the book. Chris Hulin pieced this beauty, and Carol Westercamp quilted it. This quilt isn't pictured in Singular Stars, but it can be made from the information in the book, as evidenced by the fact that Chris did exactly that.

The big quilt is Shiloh. The small one is New Orleans Lone Star.

In the foreground is Harvest Lone Star. Next is San Diego Lone Star. I pieced and hand quilted it. It's made from 32 blocks of 3 types used in Spiral Radiant Star. The pattern is in the book, but without a photograph. The last quilt is Galileo's Star. It's Steve's favorite quilt in Singular Stars.

Wave On Wave. Each arm of the star looks like a wave crashing on the shore.

Here we are by Supernova (right). This has become the signature quilt of Singular Stars. The smaller quilt is another version of Wave On Wave, this one pieced by Margy Sieck and quilted by Beth Hauersperger. Note how the muslin alternating with various colored '30s prints creates a totally different look from the blue version above.

San Francisco Lone Star is one of the simple Lone Stars in the book.

What a pleasant surprise to see this lovely version of Snake River Log Cabin among the contest quilts. It was pieced and quilted by Carolyn Bucklin Mullins. The pattern is in Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book.

And then I saw Holly Lewis' version of Aegean Sea. It was quilted by Marlene Hiltner. The pattern is in Stellar Quilts.

A few weeks prior, I ruptured a muscle in my calf. I can walk short distances, but I never would have managed to cover the show without my posse, half of which you can see here. Have no fear: I'm on the mend.

This was just a look at quilts that related to me. There was so much more to marvel at, one jaw-dropping quilt after another. If you have never made it to Paducah or one of the other AQS shows, you really need to move it up on your list of priorities.


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