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Judy Martin
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Cookies 'n' Quilts

Your instructions are so clear and precise! I know I have made a great quilt when I do not want to stop working on it!!!

---Suzanne Mohr, New Haven, IN

I ordered your Cookies 'n' Quilts because of the gorgeous quilts but what a wonderful surprise the cookies have been. I followed your instructions to the letter and the ones I have made turned out beautifully. Recently, I tried "Farmer's Daughter" and my friend said I had finally found the recipe to beat all others. Thank you for such a wonderful book.
---Vicki Johnson, Dawson Springs, KY

Judy's knack for choosing backgrounds that recede without ever appearing dull, or design elements that pop off the page in dazzling hues, is impressive.
---Sophie Littlefield, QuiltersReview.com

I LOVE the cookies. I can't eat just one!!!!!!!!! I also LOVE the quilts!!!!!!. ---Barbara Weber, Cincinnati, OH

My quilting wouldn't be what it is today without Judy's books and inspirations. Now my cookies have hit a whole new level.
---Janet Shoaf, New Richmond, IN

I made the Heart and Home Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Tennessee Waltz Pecan Bars. They were both great. The Tennessee Waltz Bars disappeared in just a half day.
---Faith Bluma, Custer, WI

I received your Cookies 'n' Quilts book and baked up a batch of the peanut butter cookies yesterday. My coworkers and I share this opinion about the cookies: Anything that's this deliciously decadent must surely be immoral, if not illegal. These are the best peanut butter cookies I've ever eaten (and I've sampled 'em all!) I look forward to making all of the recipes in the book . . . oh yeah, the quilts are nice, too!
---Allyn Humphreys, Arlington, VA

Being a left-handed quilter and teacher, I was impressed that you also have the directions for lefties. I can't wait to get started.
---Aileen Kline, Port Richey, FL

Cookies 'n' Quilts is just wonderful. Judy has really outdone herself this time.
---Becky Riley, Bowling Green, KY

I love the new book. I don't know which way to go, the kitchen or the quilt room.
---Lynda Brown, Glendale, AZ

I must confess to you that I was wrong when I declared your chocolate chip cookie the best cookie I have ever eaten. That was before I tasted one of your peanut butter cookies. It was truly delicious and I declared it the best cookie I have ever eaten!!!!!!
---Patti Marsho, Grinnell, IA

As far as I am concerned Cookies 'n' Quilts is a fabulous success. I am in love with all the patterns, and I must have gained 10 pounds or more just reading the recipes.
---Linda Lowers, Garden Grove, CA

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