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Judy Martin
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The Creative Pattern Book 

The Creative Pattern Book is the best quilt book I own, period. Some books have good designs; some have good writing. Yours stand alone for quality of inspiration, clarity, and technique.
---Gloria Jean Johnston, Crandon, WI

The short review - Buy it. Her layouts are innovative and her approach, as always, makes you stop and think "Wow!"
---Carol Miller, QuiltUniversity.com

Finally, a quilt book that makes perfect sense! Of all the quilt books I've bought, this is the first one I sat down and actually read cover to cover. Judy Martin wrote this book in plain English and all of the questions I had were answered and understandable. This book has changed the way I quilt!
---Stephanie Campbell, Littleton, CO

You've taken traditional patterns and given them such unique twists without going into the "artsy" form of blocks. I'm envious of your talent and innovative ideas. ...Your designs, when broken down, practically make themselves.
---Mindy Trout, Indianapolis, IN

I just want to let you know I think The Creative Pattern Book is amazing! Out of all the books I have looked at, it is simply the best. ... I appreciate the time you took to write this book. You are a wonderful author! You are truly generous with your knowledge, inspirational with your ideas, and nurturing with your "go for it" nudges. And on top of that ... the layout of your book is extremely inviting to someone who is a visual learner.
---C.L. Tree, Oakland, CA

The Creative Pattern Book is AWESOME. I've actually lost sleep reading it. I cannot WAIT to start a sewing project.
---Anne Geissinger, Grinnell, IA

The Creative Pattern Book is a treasure indeed!
---Sylvia Landman, author of Make Your Quilting Pay for Itself

The Creative Pattern Book is for all levels of quilting ability. It is full of exciting and beautiful patterns, and it is presented in a colorful and easy-to-read format.
---Janet Howse, Davison Fabrics, Davison, MI

For twenty years, Judy Martin has been so far ahead of the field when it comes to design. The Creative Pattern Book is wonderful!
---Leslie Pfeifer, Quilt Patch, Fairfax, VA

The Creative Pattern Book is several cuts above what is generally put out now. This is the obvious jewel in the crown of books to get our students to stretch to the next level. The book is crammed with great tips including "secrets of sewing success" and "being the boss of bias" to name just two. ...I cannot think of another book I can compare it to. ...It is HUGE - and the amount of information it contains is unequalled.
---Clara Travis, Patchwork & Pies, McLean, NY

The Creative Pattern Book is jam-packed with information and bursting with color. ...Judy Martin is down to earth, funny, opinionated, and smart. You couldn't ask for a better mentor.
---Ami Simms, author of Fun Photo-Quilts & Crafts!

I just received The Creative Pattern Book in the mail today. I have to tell you how great it is! I'm sure every quilter on the planet can benefit from this book.
---Nancy Swanton, Calabasas, CA

Thanks for the color variations and ideas for each quilt pattern so that we may each make our own quilt instead of a copy out of the book. You promote originality and personal creativity, and I can't tell you how inspired I am by your thoughts.
---Meredith Houle, Johnston, IA

The Creative Pattern Book is WONDERFUL! You are brilliant!!
---Susie Ernst, The Quilted Angel, Petaluma, CA

I love The Creative Pattern Book. What an inspiration!
---Terri Illes, Budding Star Quilts, Lebanon, NJ

I have always loved Judy Martin's books because they are filled with such useful, practical, and excellent information...but The Creative Pattern Book is the best one yet! It's incredible. ...The Creative Pattern Book is not only for beginners, it's for anyone who wants to have an excellent foundation for quiltmaking and designing. It's takes all the mystery out of the process. Judy Martin gives instructions on how to rotary cut many shapes used in quiltmaking, how to calculate yardage, and gives lots and lots of suggestions on how to personalize your quilts and much more. ...The Creative Pattern Book is written in a down-to-earth friendly manner that isn't at all intimidating. Judy Martin shows you exactly what to do step by step, so that there's no way you can fail. She leaves nothing out!! ...A lot of books say they are for beginner and advanced alike, but The Creative Pattern Book really is!! Thanks Judy. You've really outdone yourself this time!!!
---Hope Lynch, Taunton, MA .

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