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Judy Martin
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Judy's Tools in General

I love your tools. I don't see anything much that I couldn't rotary cut now. What a treat!! I have the world's largest ruler collection, but these are the best.
---Mel Waite, North Muskegon, MI

I personally love your rulers. The lines make it so easy to be accurate.
---Barb Engelking, The Fabric Works, Superior, WI

I knew from the moment I picked up each tool and began to measure and cut that I had the most professional tools around… I was so impressed by the accuracy using the methods set forth by Judy Martin… Thanks again Judy Martin for making quilting more fun than ever.
---Ellie Piltz, Cedar City, UT

I just love your rulers.
---Chris Hulin, Gilman, IA

…a revolutionary group of rotary cutting tools that increase accuracy and a quilter's ability to tackle any block of any dimension.
---American Quilt Retailer, Feb/Mar 1997

Judy Martin has designed these rulers with same careful attention she gives her books and patterns.
---Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, May 1997

Point Trimmer

Thanks so much for inventing this little gadget. My work has improved about 150% since it became part of my sewing room inventory.
---Barbara Lenox

I think the Point Trimmer is a "must-have" and should be introduced to as many quilters as possible!!!!!
---Sandra Leichner, Albany, OR

I truly cannot believe how much difference trimming the points makes in accurate piecing. Although I've quilted for 18 years, I've always avoided patterns with set-in seams (LeMoyne Star, et. al) because I could never get the triangles and diamonds lined up properly without a lot of trouble. The Point Trimmer makes machine piecing these designs simple, straightforward--as easy as putting squares together. This little gadget is WONDERFUL!!
---Mel Waite, North Muskegon, MI

I think your Point Trimmer is one of the best notions available to buy: easy to use and soooo handy. I have several. I keep them with the projects that are in various stages using the tool. I do NOT want to risk not being able to find it when I am working on my project. 
---Barbara Lamb, Milwaukie, OR

I will never make another quilt without your Point Trimmer. It is so much less painful to get those points off to start with. Thanks.
---Veta Frenzel, Bryan, TX

The Point Trimmer is something I've been waiting for for a long time. This is a tool I'm going to use.
---Marsha McCloskey

Icannot get along without your Point Trimmer. Thanks for a great product.
---Judy Sears, Minneapolis, MN

Ihave been quilting for years and the Point Trimmer is the best thing since "sliced bread."
---Jo Ann Jacobi, East Troy, WI

The Point Trimmer is the greatest thing since God created the Earth.
---Joan Mege, Oley, PA

Judy Martin is a genius. The Point Trimmer is super!
---Frances Fournier, Vancouver, BC Canada

I could slap myself in the face for not buying the Point Trimmer a year ago… I always spend at least half an hour trying to figure out how to piece the strips. This is a no brainer with the Point Trimmer… It's SOOOO COOOL the way those points on the triangles line right up… Judy is awesome!!
---Jeanne Longo, Londonderry, NH

Judy Martin's "Point Trimmer" is fabulous!! I will recommend it to all my students.
---Cindy Blackberg, quilting instructor, Sorrento, FL

The Point Trimmer is great for quiltmakers who want patch corners that perfectly match.
---Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, May 1997

Shapemaker 45

I received my Shapemaker 45 today and I have tried it and now I will not be able to live without it.
---Lee Wingo, Peoria, AZ

The Shapemaker 45 looks like a pretty nifty tool.
---Liz Porter, co-host of "Quilting With Fons and Porter"


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