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Judy Martin
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The Block Book 

The Block Book is one that most other quilting authors and teachers claim for their own collections.
---Sylvia Landman, author of Make Your Quilting Pay for Itself

The Block Book is my quilting bible. I have used it so many times and have never found a block that wasn't just beautiful!
---Anne McLaughlin, Curtice, OH

I used your book The Block Book and made the four blocks that measured 20.5" and 40 of the 10.25". They were all stars, and they turned out wonderful.
---Dorothy Bunch, Barn Cat Quilting Shop, Glasgow, KY

Your blocks have me so excited that I feel I need to try them. I have never seen such wonderful blocks. You really do have a talent.
---Jean Madsen, Manly IA

The Block Book is extraordinary.
---Hope Lynch, Taunton, MA

The instructions, measurements and complete layout of your book are absolutely superb. You ought to see my blocks!
---Caroline Upchurch, Fort Smith, AR

I ended up with a perfect 24-inch block with 9 stars in it with no frustration, and in less time than I spent making 4 of another author's 8-inch blocks that didn't fit together. ...The Block Book is unbelievable and your innovative techniques are the best!
---Jeanne Longo, Londonderry, NH

Your head will be swimming with quilt ideas while you peruse The Block Book.
---Nancy Roberts, Quilting Today #69

Judy Martin's latest book has just what you've come to expect from one of America's most talented quilt designers--loads of beautiful original quilt block designs with the tradtional feeling that Judy is known for. The creative quilt setting ideas and stunning fabric combinations she includes in her examples are inspiring.
---Mary Leman Austin, Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

I love your choices of colors.
---Barbara Pyter, Itasca, IL

…156 absolutely incredible block patterns… an outstanding variety of color combinations using both contemporary and traditional fabrics. ...The Block Book will become a "classic" reference for all your quilting endeavors.
---Susan Fuquay, American Quilt Retailer, June/July 1998

It's an awesome book; great color; great details and information; exceptionally well done. I have a lot of quilt books and this is the best.
---Kitty Hogue, Orem, UT

The Block Book is a wonderful book!
---Carol Staehle, Abram House Quilt Shop, Arlington, TX

I love The Block Book! The book is fabulous. I found so many beautiful stars.
---Susan Lauten, Auburn, AL

Judy Martin's Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns

Judy Martin's Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns is the reason I am a quilter today.
---Ellie Piltz, Cedar City, UT

I have quite a number of quilt books, but none have been as helpful as your Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns.
---Frances Freitas, Honolulu, HI

I think the content of the book truly justifies "Ultimate." It is simply one of the best books in the field ever published.
---Mary Reddick, quilt instructor, Houston, TX

If you were cast away on a desert island, you'd need a trunk full of fabric and this book!
---Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts, May, 1989

There's an abundance of top-notch material here, enough to quicken your thoughts and color your dreams for a long time to come.
---Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, Feb. 1989

Scraps, Blocks & Quilts 

Judy Martin's eighth book, Scraps, Blocks & Quilts is her best ever. The chapter 'Style in the Block' is worth more than the price of the book. She asked a number of well-known quiltmakers to make up blocks, then compares the results in an illuminating discussion. I strongly recommend this book for the block patterns, for the instructions, and for the ideas on using scraps.
---Jeannie Spears, The Professional Quilter

Scraps, Blocks & Quilts fairly vibrates with the attributes that continue to draw us to traditional quilting: the comfort and reassurance of orderly design, the excitement of unlimited possibility, the prospect of unfettered choice, the opportunity for personal expression, and the satisfaction of shared results…. The book's generous blend of original patterns, invigorating ideas, and superb craft makes it a valuable resource that should benefit anyone interested in making quilts.
---Carol Crowley, Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

Taking the Math Out of Making Patchwork Quilts

For years I have relied on Judy Martin's Taking the Math of Making Patchwork Quilts as a quick way to estimate fabric amounts for quilts.
---Liz Porter, co-host of "Quilting With Fons and Porter"


Judy Martin's Patchworkbook is an outstanding addition to any quiltmaker's library. The special quality to Patchworkbook is that Judy gives us a lot of very thought-provoking ideas on how to design quilts that have that 'something special.'
---Helen Thompson & Pat Scoville, KY Heritage Quilt Society Newsletter

Scrap Quilts 

Scrap Quilts has exceeded my wildest hopes. It has everything! I'm going to break a rule, run out and buy some more fabric to go with the cedar chest and nine boxes of cloth I already have stashed away and start piecing 'Maltese Circles' for my son.
---Billy-Jane Meister

Shining Star Quilts 

I made two quilts from your book, Shining Star Quilts. they were my first attempts at piecing. when I chose your book, I was told I'd picked a 'much too difficult' first project. I read and reread your book several times for reassurance! Your directions are very clear. Your book is so open-ended and helpful. I just wanted you to know how you really opened new horizons for me!
---Georgia Goode

Yes You Can! Make Stunning Quilts
from Simple Patterns

All of Judy Martin's books are more than excellent--they're outstanding in their wealth of information and value. This one is not only outstanding, it's revolutionary in that it presents an entirely new way of managing the preparation of patches. I believe it is a milestone in the development of patchwork construction. Judy Martin has long been a pioneer in the streamlining of procedures that enable quiltmakers to produce patchwork with a minimum of time and frustration. With this book, she has made beautiful and well-crafted quilts accessible to everyone.
---Bonnie Leman, Editor, Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

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