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Judy Martin
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Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference 

If you are mathematically challenged, this book will get you out of trouble and save fabric, too. A must-have reference book.
---Pamela Sosa, Cary, NC

I understand how to cut triangles now because of you and your Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference.
---Margaret McNeil, Charleston, SC

Your Rotary Cutting Reference is worth more than its weight in gold for figuring yardage for my own designs, or just a different size of quilt. Thanks for working all the numbers out for us! Thanks, too, for giving us a springboard to our own ideas. It's very satisfying. 
---Jennie Hodge, Williston, NC

I cannot express to you how much I love my Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference. As only a two-year quilter, I won't start any project with directions until I get my second opinion from your book. I have saved A LOT of time, cutting and stress by checking it first.
---Karen Bartelt

I use your two books, Pieced Borders and Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference, constantly.I'm constantly "testifying" to my quilting group and others of how great these books are! These two books set me free!
---Rachel Wells, Missoula, MT

This book helps quilters cut any shape with a rotary cutter efficiently and easily.
---Sylvia Landman, author of Make Your Quilting Pay for Itself

Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference takes all the tedious math out of it. It saves me lots of time.
---Debbie Rouleau, Tinmouth, VT

Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference is a real tool of empowerment. It unifies and connects shape-cutting in a way I find totally original and helpful. The material is so clearly presented and the instructions so easy to follow, even I can't make a mistake. This is literally the book I've been waiting for since I started quilting.
---Pam Bohsung, Jefferson, NY

My Mom is making a lap quilt using "I Have a Dream" from The Block Book. It was so easy to figure how much fabric to buy for her project using Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference.
---Ellie Piltz, Cedar City, UT

I LOVE Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference. It made me want to stop using all the so-called shortcuts and get down to serious rotary work!!
---Thunda Wigley, Amarillo, TX

Talk about making it easy! If you know where you're going and need to get there fast, Judy Martin's new book can't be beat. Flip to the right page, slide your finger down the chart, and grab your rotary cutter. This is easy, even for the "mathematically challenged!"
---Ami Simms, author of Fun Photo-Quilts & Crafts!

For someone just beginning, Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference took all the work out.
---Donna Morgan-Hagman, Gig Harbor, WA

Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference answers all the questions you might have about rulers, special tools, and how to cut shapes, from basic squares, rectangles, and triangles to more complex shapes such as octagons, trapezoids, and prisms. Easy-to-follow charts and diagrams lead you from the desired finished size of a piece to the correct size to cut strips and make subcuts. ...For years I have relied on Judy Martin's Taking the Math Out of Making Patchwork Quilts as a quick way to estimate fabric amounts for quilts. I'm now replacing my worn copy with Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference. Handy charts make it simple to determine how many pieces you can cut from either an 18"-long strip, 44"-long strip, or yard of fabric.
---Liz Porter, co-host of "Quilting With Fons and Porter"

Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference is complete, concise and easy to decipher.
---Georgia Bonesteel, author of Lap Quilting Lives

Your new book is awesome!
---Heidi Hoff Wurst, Fort Collins, CO

This is the most complete guide to rotary cutting on the market. ...The cutting charts are complemented by precise illustrations that I found made cutting a breeze. ...Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference belongs on your bookshelf next to Taking the Math Out of Making Patchwork Quilts, the classic reference book Judy co-authored.
---The Professional Quilter

Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference is like a bible to a quilter. It is a must have. Everything is laid out for you. Since I am somewhat "math-impaired," the book has been very helpful.
---Kay Daly, Longboat Key, FL

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