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Complete List of Books Written by Judy Martin

Starting with the most recent, these are the books written by Judy Martin. You'll find the year of publication, the publisher, and its current availability, if known. If you are seeking one of the out-of-print books, try various online resources for used books such as abebooks.com. We do not have any out-of-print books available to sell and cannot help you any more than the information contained on this page.

Singular Stars, 2018, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 978-0-929589-16-9) available

Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts, 2013, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 978-0-929589-15-2) available

Patchwork Among Friends, 2011, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 978-0929589-14-5) available

Stellar Quilts, 2010, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 978-0-929589-13-8) available

Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book, 2007, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 978-0-929589-12-1) available

Scraps, 2006, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 0-929589-11-4) out of print, available as an e-book

Knockout Blocks and Sampler Quilts, 2004, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 0-929589-10-6) out of print

Piece 'n' Play Quilts, 2002, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 0-929589-09-2) available

Cookies 'n' Quilts, 2001, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 0-929589-08-4) available

Star Happy Quilts
, 2001, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 0-929589-07-6) out of print, available as an e-book

The Creative Pattern Book, 2000, Crosley-Griffith Publishing, (ISBN 0-929589-06-8) out of print

The Block Book, 1998, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 0-929589-05-X) out of print

Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference, 1997, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 0-929589-04-1) available

Pieced Borders: The Complete Resource (with Marsha McCloskey), 1994, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 0-929589-03-3) out of print

Yes You Can! Make Stunning Quilts from Simple Patterns, 1992, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 0-929589-02-5) out of print

Scraps, Blocks & Quilts, 1990, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 0-929589-01-7) out of print

Judy Martin's Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns, 1988, Crosley-Griffith Publishing (ISBN 0-929589-00-9) out of print

The Rainbow Collection, 1987, Moon Over Mountain Publishing (ISBN 0-9602970-2-2) out of print

Shining Star Quilts, 1987, Moon Over Mountain Publishing (ISBN 0-943721-00-8) out of print

Scrap Quilts, 1985, Moon Over Mountain Publishing (ISBN 0-9602970-9-X) out of print 

Patchworkbook, 1983, Charles Scribner's Sons (ISBN 0-684-17945-8) out of print
reprinted, 1993, Dover publications, (ISBN 0-486-27844-1) out of print

Taking the Math Out of Making Patchwork Quilts (with Bonnie Leman), 1981, Moon Over Mountain Publishing (ISBN 0-9602970-3-0) out of print

Log Cabin Quilts (with Bonnie Leman), 1980, Moon Over Mountain Publishing (ISBN 0-9602970-1-4) out of print

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