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Acrylic Templates & Tools

3 of the quilts in Red, White & Blue Star Quilts have special shapes that require a template - either a free paper template taped to your rotary ruler or a purchased acrylic template. This page will explain how to order and use those acrylic templates. The free paper templates can be found on the RWB Extras page.

I have uploaded artwork to the website SendCutSend.com so that you can order my ABC Point Trimmer and acrylic templates directly from the manufacturer. I am doing this as a service to my readers and I am not taking any portion of the proceeds. I can vouch for the quality and quick turnaround time, as I ordered these for myself. If you are ordering books as well as acrylic tools or templates, you will be ordering the books from judymartin.com and the tools and templates from SendCutSend.      

In dealing directly with SendCutSend for your tools and templates, you get manufacturer’s prices, with individual prices ranging from $2 to $5.37 per item, with most of them in the $2 to $2.50 range. SendCutSend offers quantity discounts starting at as few as 2 of an item. I suggest sharing an order with friends, classmates, or guild members both for the quantity discounts and to meet the minimum order of $29. I can offer you a one-time discount coupon of $10, and the shipping is free. If you were to order all the templates for Red, White & Blue Star Quilts plus the ABC Point Trimmer, even at the $29 minimum, it's an exceptional value. And if you were to go in with a friend or order Stellar Quilts templates, the value gets better and better. Then factor in the $10 discount and free shipping, it doesn't get any better than that.

The template images are not shown full size on this page. Templates from the same pattern are reduced the same amount; from one pattern to another, the amount the templates are reduced varies.

How to Order Tools and Templates*
*Read this section completely before placing an order

If you order from SendCutSend, it is a transaction between you and them. I have nothing to do with it. I have arranged this template option as a convenience to you.

Each pattern and its template(s) is a separate item, with one link for all of the items in the pattern. Links and templates are listed below, by book. You will be clicking on the link for a product you want, as listed below, then scrolling down and clicking on ADD TO CART.

Each item in the pattern will appear in your shopping cart, with a default quantity of 1 each. Adjust the quantity as desired. If you decide you don’t want an item, click the quantity MINUS button until you see a prompt to delete, and then click DELETE.

If you wish to add new items to your cart, go back to my links on this page (It is okay to leave your cart; it will still be there.) and click on a new pattern. Scroll down and click ADD TO CART again. Your new items will be added to your existing cart.

When you are finished adding items and adjusting quantities, scroll down to CONTINUE to fill out the shipping and payment information. (You can open an account or order as a guest.)

Type the discount code 10FORQUILT in the DISCOUNT CARD/GIFT CARD line at checkout. Review your order and submit it.

ABC Point Trimmer Link for All Judy Martin Books

ABC Point Trimmer link:

Everything you want to know about point trimming you can glean from this lavishly illustrated pdf file.

Red, White & Blue Star Quilts Links

July Fireworks E + G template link:


O Beautiful! L + M and H + Hr templates link: 

Star-Spangled Quilt E template link:


Stellar Quilts Links 

Apron Strings  B + Br, C + Cr, E, F + Fr, and G templates link: 

Capistrano G + H templates link: 

French Quarter & Stars Over Bear Lake F and I templates link:

Card Shuffle A + Ar, B + Br, and C + Cr templates link: 


Kyoto Gardens A and C templates link: 


Maritime A + Ar, B + Br. C + Cr, D + Dr, F + Fr,
G + Gr, and H + Hr templates link: 


Savannah F and I templates link: 

After Your Order Arrives

Identifying and Labeling Your Templates

Cutting out the middleman means you get the lowest possible price. It also means you will need to peel the paper off the shapes and label them yourself. Write on an address label or other sticker or write directly on the acrylic using a permanent marker.

Label the ABC Point Trimmer with an “A” on the top triangle of the Christmas Tree shape. Mark “C” on the middle triangle, and “B” on the bottom one.

For the templates, mark both the pattern name and the patch letter. For asymmetrical patches, be sure to mark on the side that matches the patch letter without the “r” (reversed). You will turn the template (or the fabric) face down to cut reverses or cut patches and their reverses in equal quantities from folded fabric.

For templates in Red, White & Blue Star Quilts, the 6.5" house shape is for O Beautiful!; the 4.5" one is for Star-Spangled Quilt, and the 3.5" one is for July Fireworks. 

Some Templates Do Not Include the Entire Patch

For E patches in Star-Spangled Quilt, G patches in July Fireworks, and H + Hr patches in O Beautiful!, the template is the same as the patch. For these, cut the fabric around all sides of the template. For the O Beautiful! L + M patches and the July Fireworks E patches, you don’t cut around the whole template. The template is positioned over one or both tips of a long fabric rectangle to make prism or half prism shapes.

Illustrated Instructions for Using the Acrylic Templates in Red, White & Blue Star Quilts

Complete illustrated instructions for using each template for O Beautiful!, July Fireworks, and Star-Spangled Quilt, as well as my ABC Point Trimmer, and my older Point Trimmer are at RWB Extras at judymartin.com.

Other Useful Extras at RWB Extras

Class outlines for all 16 quilts in the Red, White & Blue Star Quilts, yardage figures and other changes to the patterns for the 4 quilt variations shown on page 21, and a one-block version of Stars Over the States are also available at RWB Extras.

How to Use the Acrylic Templates in Stellar Quilts

For the Stellar Quilts templates, match the acrylic templates to the templates shown in the book, and label them. These templates match the fabric patches, so you cut the fabric around all sides of the templates. You can cut strips first, as shown in the book.

The book has illustrated instructions for using paper templates taped to a ruler; you can simply substitute the acrylic templates for the paper ones, ignoring the ruler part. Follow the diagrams to orient the template on the strip for cutting.

For patches with an “r” after the patch letter, cut patches and their reverses in equal quantities from folded fabric. Alternatively, cut reverses by turning the template face down on fabric that is face up.




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