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Welcome to my Community page. Quilting has long been a social activity, and those who do it are a community, a group of people who share certain fundamental experiences. I want this to be your page. Just think of me as the caretaker. The tips and questions will be yours. I'll provide links to places you might want to visit. And if you have any other ideas for categories that ought to be included on the Community page, bring 'em on! I want to know. You'll notice we don't have any Viewer Photos on this page. That's because that section is big enough and important enough that we gave it it's own button on the navigation bar to the left.

"Judy, what can I do to help?"

Do you have a sewing tip that would help our community of quilting friends in cyberspace? Let's hear it. Do you have a question that other quilters are too shy to ask? Do you want to tell us about a quilt shop you especially love? Send it in. Why limit it to quilting? Would you like to share a recipe? or a book you couldn't put down? We'll see if we can find a place for it. This page is going to be about quilters sharing with other quilters. Are you a quilter? All right, then share something with us.

All the Technical Stuff About Submissions

You can email your tips, questions, and whatever to info@judymartin.com. Put "Community" in the subject heading. Be sure to include your name, address, and e-mail address.

Not everything you submit will get put up. It will be subject to space limitations, time, whim, whatever. But if you think quilters will want to see it or hear about it, please send it on in.

Now, enough talk. It's your turn.

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