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On this page we'll list all the necessary corrections to patterns in our books. Fortunately, it's a short page. I apologize for any inconvenience any mistake may have caused.

in Singular Stars

Galileo's Star: On page 94, the cutting diagrams for the background patches list the wrong dimensions. The dimensions listed on the page were inadvertantly copied from a different pattern. You can see the corrected diagrams by downloading this pdf.

Queen of Diamonds:
On page 148, the L triangle is listed as being cut from 13-1/4" squares. Below that, it reads 4-1/2" squares. The correct size is 13-1/4". The yardage is correct as written.

Skewed Nine Patch: At the top of page 80, the N triangle is listed as being cut from 3-7/8" squares. Below that, it reads 3" squares. The correct size is 3-7/8". The yardage is correct as written.

Supernova: On page 108, both the D and Dr strips and patches are listed as needing 2 strips to cut 8 patches.
This is incorrect. You need 4 D and 4 Dr strips in order to cut 16 D and 16 Dr patches to be used in 16 W and 16 Wr blocks. The yardage chart and instructions are correct as written.

Traditional Lone Star: In the Quilt Construction diagram on page 57, the length of the right outside border is listed as 110-7/8", which is wrong. The other three outside borders are listed as 100-7/8", which is correct. The yardage chart and instructions are correct as written.

in Patchwork Among Friends

Pear Cobbler Recipe: The ingredients list should say 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter. If you were to use 1/4 cup butter, it wouldn't ruin the recipe; it just wouldn't have all the buttery goodness it deserves.

Rolling Hills Log Cabin: This isn't a correction, but it is a clearer way to present the diagrams on page 76. Click here for a pdf of the new diagrams.

in Stellar Quilts

American Dream: This refers to the set variations on page 36, the middle example on the bottom row. In the "southwest quadrant" the long red and white stripes should have the red stripe closest to the quilt center.

Savannah: The G’s are quarter-square triangles, not half-square triangles. The dimensions do not change. The quantity of strips required changes, as indicated. Click here is the corrected diagram for cutting G patches.

in Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book

If your copy of Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book says, "Second Printing 2008" on the copyright page, the following corrections to Snake River Log Cabin and Mt. Shasta Star do not apply. They have been corrected in the second printing.

Snake River Log Cabin: The diagram for the Border Sash Y on page 53 should say  "E" instead of "G." The drawing is correct; only its G label is wrong. The patch quantities listed for E and G in each size need to be changed as follows: Twin: 48 G and 40 E; queen: 64 G and 44 E; and wall: 16 G and 28 E. Yardage figures need no correction.

If you have already cut out or pieced your Border Sash Y units, you may cut 2" off the end of the dark G rectangles for these units before proceeding. Do not cut off the ends of the G rectangles that are used in the W blocks.

Snake River Log Cabin King: This concerns the king-size pattern that was added to this web site. As of May 11, 2010 it is corrected. If you downloaded the pattern before this date, please note the following 2 changes: Under "Lights" it should say 440 B, and the yardage for Lights should be 36 fat quarters.

Mt. Shasta Star:The quilting was done by Margy Sieck, not Dawn Cavanaugh.

The following correction applies to both the first and second printings of Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book.

Kentucky Log Cabin: In the diagram for the Kentucky Log Cabin, twin size, the blocks are turned differently than they are in the quilt that appears in the photograph. All the X blocks should be turned 180 degrees from the way they appear in the diagram on page 67. The cutting and yardage are all correct. To see the twin diagram as it should have appeared, click here. To see an updated diagram for the wall-size quilt, click here.

Big Sky Log Cabin: In the section "Making the Blocks" on page 38, the text for "V Block" should read, "Make 12 V blocks (wall) or 60 V blocks (queen). The caption under the drawing is correct as written. 

The following corrections apply to the first, second, and third printings of Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book.

Big Sky Log Cabin: The photo of the quilt on page 36 has 13 V blocks and 12 U blocks. The quilt diagram on page 39 has 12 V blocks and 13 U blocks. The instructions on page 38 all support the diagram, but not the photo. If you want to make the quilt as it is shown in the photo, make 13 V blocks and 12 U blocks. The listed yardage is correct for either way.

Mt. Shasta Star: The diagram for the Z corner block on page 111 is incorrect. A revised diagram can be downloaded by clicking here.

The following correction applies only to the 5th printing of Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book.

Shoreline Log Cabin: The narrative text at the top of page 106 repeats from page 105 rather than completing the narrative. The yardage and cutting are all correct. A corrected version of the page can be downloaded by clicking here.

in Scraps

Hollywood Boulevard: In the wall size, the patch quantity for the cream print "E" should be 59 not 19. The yardage for cream in the wall size should be 2 yards.

Circle of Life: In the queen size diagram the light border next to the dark outer border was left out. The yardage, quilt piecing diagram, and instructions are correct as presented. To see the queen diagram as it should have appeared, click here.

in Knockout Blocks and Sampler Quilts

Double Puzzle: The block diagram shows an H rectangle. The cutting chart on page 65 does not list an H rectangle. You can use the chart on page 53, which does have an H rectangle. The patch letters and numbers are consistent throughout the book. As an example, every H in the book that is used in a 12" block will be cut 2" x 3-1/2".

Flying Stars Sampler, Crib Size: In the Crib/Wall Quilt Assembly diagram on page 42, the 8-1/2" x 20-1/2" rectangles should be 8" x 20-1/2".

Game Night: The drawing shows four large squares set on point. Three are labeled #10, and one is labeled #13. All four should be labeled #10. The large, center square is correctly identified as #13.

Stars & Stripes Forever: In the Twin Quilt Assembly diagram on page 46, the edge triangles listed as #23 should be #53. The dimensions for cutting the #53 triangles are listed on page 45.

in The Creative Pattern Book

Judy's Fancy: On page 148, in the Cutting for Dark Star Prints A patches, it should read "147 strips 1-1/2+"* x 18" (*halfway between 1-1/2" and 1-5/8").


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