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Judy Martin
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First Look at Singular Stars, Judy Martin's New Book on Lone Stars

It has been hard for me to get up to speed at my work since my husband, Steve, had a stroke in 2015. But I have been working, and I expect to have a new book, Singular Stars: Judy Martin's Book of Lone Star Quilts, very soon. Here's a little preview to get you excited.

Singular Stars is planned for a February 2018 release.


For several of the quilts, I have pages of variations that play with block placement and orientation or mix and match elements

Oh, and all the quilts in the book will be strip pieced.

Galileo's Star

I made detailed notes as I cut and sewed, so I could share with you all my little tips for perfect points, joints, and so on. I am even offering a Beginner Lone Star (that looks harder than it actually is!), with the tricky joints eliminated and no set-in seams. (Of course, I'll also give alternate directions for seamless background patches in case you are comfortable with set-in seams or want to learn what you need to know not to fear them.)

Star of Wonder

I have found a way of thinking about Lone Stars that makes them as variable as Log Cabins. I have been having so much fun designing that I can't wait to be done with the book so I can share my enthusiasm and my ideas. In this example, every diamond-shaped arm is made from four smaller diamond-shaped segments. By turning the individual segments different ways, you multiply the possibilities for new looks!

I have also done a lot of quilt math and discovered specific dimensions with almost magical properties for Lone Stars. Of course, you won't need to do any math to benefit from my work. Just using the sizes in the patterns will help you rotary cut or strip piece a wide variety of Lone Stars using just your regular rotary ruler.

Skewed Nine-Patch

Singular Stars, all 160 glorious pages of it, will retail for $29.95. We expect to have it available in February. Stay tuned!

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