Slumber Party 2001

Sounds like the name of the latest teen movie, doesn't it? Every December Sara Miller, former owner of Kalona Kountry Kreations, hosts a slumber party for a group of famous (that's a code word for "grizzled veteran") quilters: Marianne Fons, Bettina Havig, Marti Michell, Liz Porter, and me. Doreen Speckmann was part of the fun until her unfortunate death. We have a fabulous time. Last year we decided to make round robins during the year and present them to each other at this year's party. This is going to take some time for all these photos to load. Please be patient.

The Cast of Characters

From top to bottom you have Sara Miller, Bettina Havig, Marti Michell, Liz Porter, Marianne Fons, and Judy Martin. Note that the Judy Martin photo was taken after totalling 5 hours sleep over 2 nights. She doesn't always look this sleepy!

The Round Robin Quilts

Pretty nifty, eh? We had fun doing it.