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Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book Poll Results

And the winner is....

....Timberline Log Cabin!

Starting on August 10, 2007, we began conducting a series of weekly polls to determine your favorite quilt from Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book.

You can scroll down and check out the weekly results to see how your favorites fared in the voting. Please note the photos were all reduced to the same size in order to fit. They are not to scale. In real life, Finger Lakes Log Cabin (Week 1, left) is quite a bit larger than the two quilts next to it.

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Round 1
Week 1

Finger Lakes Log Cabin (left) earned 60.5% of the vote to move into the second round. Loveland Log Cabin (center) was second with 21.1%, and Stone Cottage (right) garnered 18.4%.

Week 2

Timberline Log Cabin (left) was the overwhelming winner of the Week 2 vote. It received 69.2% of the votes cast. Star Shadow Log Cabin (center) was second with 17.6%, and Tumbling Logs (right) was third with 13.2%.

Week 3

Kentucky Log Cabin (left) was the Week 3 winner with 52.1% of the vote. Shoreline Log Cabin (center) placed a strong second with 34.2%. Green River Log Cabin (right) finished third with 13.6%.

Week 4

Week 4 was the closest vote yet. Summer Lake Log Cabin (left) was the winner with 49.1%. Sequoia Stars (center) came in second with 41.6% of the votes cast. Traditional Log Cabin (right) was third with 9.3%

Week 5

The final ballot of the first round ended with Mt. Shasta Star (left) garnering 60% of the vote. Fallbrook Log Cabin (center) placed second with 23.2%, and Big Sky Log Cabin was third with 16.8%.

Week 6
The First Semi-Final

Snake River Log Cabin (left), which had a bye in the first round, showed it was worthy by winning its sem-final, though it was the closest vote yet. Snake River had 36.1% of the vote. Summer Lake Log Cabin (center) got 33.2%, and Mt. Shasta Star received 30.6%.

Week 7
The Second Semi-Final

Timberline Log Cabin (left) continued its march to the finals by grabbing 65.5% of the votes. Finger Lakes Log Cabin (center) was second with 20.4%. Kentucky Log Cabin (right) received 14.0% of the votes cast.

Week 8
The Final

Timberline Log Cabin (left) completed its impressive run by defeating Snake River Log Cabin (right) 79.4% to 20.6%.

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