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Red, White & Blue Star Quilts
96 pages, 16 patterns plus 7 size and color variations, color throughout. Patterns range from a quick little table topper to king-sized quilts. 6 of the patriotic patterns are sized appropriately for Quilts of Valor (R). The book includes general quilt making information and specific helps for making Rising Stars and Evening Stars....
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Item # : 555
Manufacturer: Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company

Red, White & Blue Star Quilts/Singular Stars Combo Deal
$10 off if you buy both of Judy's current star books! That translates to just $48.90 for this combo offer of Judy Martin's 2 most recent books: Red, White & Blue Star Quilts and Singular Stars. With these 2 great books you'll have all the Rising Stars, Evening Stars, and Lone Stars you could ever desire....
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Item # : 556
Manufacturer: Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company

Singular Stars
160 pages, 18 complete patterns for photographed quilts, 160+ patterns (including yardage) for additional quilts and variations, plus suggestions for thousands more! For quilters of all skill levels....
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Item # : 999

Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book

128 pages, 16 patterns, color throughout. These ain't your grandmother's Log Cabins. (Well, one is, but the other 15 quilts are beyond anything she ever could have imagined!) No one knows more about Log Cabins than Judy Martin does, and she shares a lifetime of experience in this exciting, new book....
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Item # : 111
Manufacturer: Crosley-Griffith Publishing

Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts

128 pages, 15 patterns, color throughout, for quilters of all skill levels. Think about the quilt you are most proud to have made. Remember how rewarding and uplifting it felt to hear your creativity and skill praised as family and friends oooed and ahhhed over your handiwork? That feeling and more awaits you each time you display the extraordinary quilts you will make from Judy Martin’s newest book, Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts. ...
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Item # : 444
Manufacturer: Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company, Inc.

Stellar Quilts

128 pages, 13 patterns, color throughout. Judy Martin makes the beautiful possible....again! In Stellar Quilts Judy does for stars what she did for Log Cabins: She creates breathtakingly beautiful quilts and explains clearly how to make them.

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Item # : 222
Manufacturer: Crosley-Griffith Publishing Co., Inc.

Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference
80 pages, published 1997. In 400 step-by-step illustrations, you'll see how to cut almost any shape without a template. 55 charts provide you with accurate yardage figures and cutting directions for each shape in a wide range of sizes. ...
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Item # : 700
Manufacturer: Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company

Cookies 'n' Quilts
80 pages, 8 complete quilt patterns and 10 cookie and bar recipes (plus 1 nutty variation and 1 frosting recipe), published November, 2001. Cookies and quilts have long been associated with warmth and comfort, with reassurance and love. So it's only natural that Judy Martin bring these two icons of the happy American home together in one delicious book. Cookies 'n' Quilts has everything you need to make perfect quilts: color photos and illustrations, complete color-coded rotary cutting instructions, full-size templates, and quilting motifs. And because the patterns come from Judy Martin, you know they are completely accurate. ...
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Item # : 200
Manufacturer: Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company

Patchwork Among Friends
128 pages, 10 patterns, 12 potluck supper recipes, color throughout. Making quilts has long been a social activity. Whether it is quilting bees or project classes or show and tell at the guild meeting, quilters have always gathered in the company of friends to learn, to accomplish, or simply to share the joy of a beautiful quilt done well. ...
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Item # : 333
Manufacturer: Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company, Inc.

Piece 'n' Play Quilts
96 pages, 12 complete quilt patterns, color throughout, published September, 2002. Shakespeare knew it when he said, "The play's the thing." Judy Martin knew it when she decided to write Piece 'n' Play Quilts. Now you can find out for yourself: It really is more fun and more satisfying when you can follow a pattern and yet achieve your own unique look by playing with the arrangement of the blocks. ...
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Item # : 010
Manufacturer: Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company

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