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Judy Martin
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Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts
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128 pages, 15 patterns, color throughout, for quilters of all skill levels. Think about the quilt you are most proud to have made. Remember how rewarding and uplifting it felt to hear your creativity and skill praised as family and friends oooed and ahhhed over your handiwork? That feeling and more awaits you each time you display the extraordinary quilts you will make from Judy Martin’s newest book, Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts.

This is more than just a quilt pattern book: It’s a way to announce, “I am proud to call myself a quilt maker, and this is how I choose to express myself!” Best of all, as you are basking in acclaim, only you will know how easy these quilts were to make. The most extraordinary thing about the quilts in Judy Martin’s new book is that they don’t require any special skills to make. If you can make a straight cut and have an accurate seam allowance, you can make any of the quilts in this book!


Every quilt will also have an additional block photo showing
it in a different fabric style and alternate colorway. This
will help you see the many possibilities for each quilt.

Judy Martin – the first name in Log Cabins

When people think of quilts, they think of Log Cabins; and when they think of Log Cabins, they think of Judy Martin. Only Abraham Lincoln’s name is more associated with Log Cabins, but even he never wrote 3 books on the subject and designed and published 75 Log Cabin patterns, including such classics as Snake River Log Cabin, Colorado Log Cabin, and Wilderness Log Cabin. In the 33 years since she published her first book, Log Cabin Quilts, Judy Martin has never put together as breathtaking a collection of Log Cabin designs as she has in her 22nd book, Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts.

This Playful Spirit detail shows a Log Cabin in a modern
color palette. This quilt offers many unique Log Cabin sets.

Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts features:

  • 15 complete and accurate patterns in multiple sizes
  • beautiful pieced borders gracing every quilt
  • 300 color diagrams
  • 175 gorgeous photos
  • an in-depth discussion of color and value with lots of photographs
  • a way to test your seam allowance and how to then make it perfect
  • diagrams showing which direction to press the seam allowances
  • lots of tips and techniques for making Log Cabin quilts
  • a method for keeping track of logs of varying lengths

A detail shot of Lakeshore Log Cabin. Notice how the range of hues
and values in both the darks and the lights makes this quilt sparkle.

Each pattern has

  • a big color photo of the entire quilt
  • a closeup photo showing fabric and quilting
  • a photo of an additional block made in a different color scheme and fabric
  • 14 or more drawings of alternate settings and/or color schemes
  • fat quarter requirements
  • patch quantity requirements
  • quilt size, block size, and log width listed
  • piecing diagrams, complete with what direction to press the seams and what order to sew the patches
  • quilt construction diagrams for two sizes
  • ratings for ease of cutting, sewing, and planning
  • quilting suggestions

In Paducah Log Cabin the light half
is achieved with a lattice effect.

Extraordinary quilts anyone can make

12 of the quilts in Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts are made with nothing more than rectangles. The remaining 3 quilts also add in some patches with 45-degree angles, such as half-square triangles. That’s it. If you can cut and sew straight, you can make these quilts. And if you have had trouble with Log Cabins in the past, Judy offers clear, illustrated instructions on how to achieve an accurate seam allowance because when your seam allowance is right, Log Cabin quilts are a snap. And then, all the quilts you make will be easier and better!

The Log Cabin is ideal for quilters of limited experience. It has basic shapes, simple contrasts, and minimal joints. Quilters love Log Cabins because with the pattern’s many setting possibilities, it’s easy to put your own creative stamp on the pattern. And isn’t that what it’s all about? When you finish a quilt, you want it to be distinctly yours rather than something you see everywhere.

Which quilt are you going to make first?

The hardest thing about Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts is deciding which one you will make first! Take a look and see which designs are calling your name!

Grandpa's Log Cabin achieves a woven wicker look
by using just 10 different fabrics for the darks

More, more, more!

Judy Martin has built a legion of loyal fans because she provides the best value in quilting books. When you buy a Judy Martin book, you can expect more for your money: more extraordinary designs, more available sizes, more useful tips, and more creative ideas. Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts has more of everything you want, need, and expect in a quilting book.

A detail of 16 Mariposa Log Cabin blocks set
4 x 4. This quilt is truly extraordinary.

What quilters like you are saying

  • These designs just blow my mind!
    ---Bonnie K. Hunter, author of String Fling

  • The quilts are stunning....and the instructions are clear and precise (as is always the case with Judy's work.)
    ---Connie Doern, Creekside Quilting, Clive, IA

  • Thanks for the clear instructions and great options for each quilt!!
    ---Cheryl Kehm, Woodland Quilts, Whitewater, WI

  • There is no other quilt designer who offers all the needed instructions and required cutting and piecing.
    ---Fran M., Troy, MI

  • The 7 guiding principles represent a great synthesis of what makes quilts extraordinary.
    Ruth P., Columbus, OH

  • I LOVE looking at your log cabin designs! There is always so much to look at, and I especially like your interesting border treatments and the way they complete the inner layouts so perfectly.
    ---Evelyn G., Tucson, AZ
  • Your designs are breathtaking and truly inspirational.
    ---Ann G., Olds, Alberta Canada

Who has the time to make ordinary quilts?

Order your copy of Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts today and make all of your quilts extraordinary!

Civil War reproductions give Main Street Log Cabin a classic feel.

Item # : 444

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