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Judy Martin
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Make-Me-an-Offer Quilt Sale

These are the quilts I have available from Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book. If you want one, Make Me an Offer!

You can get all the details on why I'm selling them and how you can go about getting one (or more) by reading this*.

*And do read the details before making me an offer.

The quilts below are not shown to scale. The photos are all the same width even though the quilts are a variety of widths. Do look at the dimensions.

Big Sky Log Cabin (54" x 54")

Green River Log Cabin (50" x 50")

Kentucky Log Cabin (69" 96")

Loveland Log Cabin (43" x 43")

Mt. Shasta Star (59" x 59")

Sequoia Stars (99" x 99")

Snake River Log Cabin (73" x 91")

Stone Cottage (51" x 51")

Summer Lake Log Cabin (76" x 94")

Timberline Log Cabin (47" x 47")

Traditional Log Cabin (50" x 94")

Tumbling Logs (59" x 59")


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