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The Template Page

Note: When you print any of these template files, change Page Scaling to "None." The pages MUST print at 100% to be accurate. Also, on the Page Setup menu you may have to adjust to "No Margins." If the Print Window is too small to show the options, hit the down arrow to show all the options.

This procedure may vary depending on the printer, the browser, or the operating system, but the important thing to remember is you must print at 100%. It cannot be "shrunk to fit the page."

An even more important note: After you have printed a page, compare the patches to the templates in the book. They must be exactly the same size. If they are not, go back and adjust the print settings.

If you do not have Adobe Reader for viewing pdf files, please visit Adobe and download the latest version.

Templates for Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts,
Patchwork Among Friends,
Stellar Quilts

Honeymoon Log Cabin in Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts and some of the patterns in Patchwork Among Friends and Stellar Quilts have patches that are most easily rotary cut by attaching a paper template to a rotary ruler. Full instructions for this method are in either book, as are the templates. For your convenience, though, we have added downloadable pdf files of the templates for all the odd shapes in each quilt.

We received this very good question from an inquisitive quilter: "I was just wondering if I cut the black line off before I stick the template on to the ruler, or if I cut on the black line? Or do I leave the entire black line on the template?"

This is Judy's reply: "Do not cut off the black line. Cut on the outside edge of the black line. Technically, the center of the black line is the perfect size. However, including all of the black line in the template will compensate for the take-up due to seam allowances upon stitching."

Here's a short YouTube video showing you how easy it is to work with the paper templates.

Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts Templates

Honeymoon Log Cabin
- 1 page of a trimming triangle for patches H, Hr, I, J, K, and L

Patchwork Among Friends

Boston Beauty - 1 page of patches: C, G, and H

Heartland Star - 1 page of patches: A, B, D, and Dr

Morning Glory - 1 page of patches: D

State Fair Star - 1 page of patches: G and Gr

Summer Holiday - 1 page: the trimming template for H and I

Sun Valley Log Cabin - 1 page of patches: J, K, L, M, N, O, and P (plus reverses for each), and Y

Thanksgiving - 1 page of patches: C and Cr


Stellar Quilts Templates

Point Trims for
Stellar Quilts
- 1 page of miniature templates for point trimming (see page 5)

Apron Strings
- 1 page of patches: B & Br, C & Cr, E, F & Fr, and G

Capistrano - 1 page of patches: G and H

Card Shuffle - 1 page of patches: A, B, and C (and reverses for each)

Echoing Stars - 1 page of patches: E, F, J, K, L, and M (and reverses for each)

French Quarter - 2 pages of patches F and I

Kyoto Gardens - 1 page of patches: A and C

Maritime - 1 page of patches: A, B, C, D, F, G, and H (and reverses for each)

Savannah - 1 page of patches: F and I

Stars Over Bear Lake - 2 pages of patches: F and I



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